The Ealing Saturday Music Centre

The Saturday Music Centre

Ealing Music Therapy has expanded its service to provide a Saturday Music Therapy Centre for children with special needs and their families.  This provides a Saturday musical activity for children with the aim to help the child develop communication and social skills.  Parents have a chance to meet each other and feel part of a supportive group.

The People who run the Saturday Music Centre

A Senior Music Therapist and a Special Educational Needs Learning Support Assistant

Who is it for?

Primary school aged children (11 and under).  There is a group for pre-schoolers and their parents / carers.  Sessions take place in 5 week blocks with during term-time.  There is ample opportunity for parents / carers to discuss progress with the therapist and Learning Support Assistant at the end of each block.

Where is it held?

At St Stephen's Church Centre, St Stephen's Road, West Ealing.W13 *HB.  The Centre is close to the 297 and E7 bus routes and there is ample parking in the surrounding streets.  The building is fully accessible and Church members have made the families most welcome.

What happens during the session

Each session lasts 35 - 45 minutes and is developed specifically for the needs of the children attending but follow the pattern of:-

  • Each session starts with a hello sing song where each group member is identified
  • Familiar songs music are sung played to help memory skills
  • Activities are introduced where children are encouraged to take turns, make good eye contact and enjoy being part of a group etc
  • Particular emphasis for children with autism is to enable the parents interact and bond with their children
  • Musical theatre activities help the children develop their inner world and access their emotions
  • The session concludes with a good-bye song.


 The therapist explains what the aim of the sessions are

The sessions offers an emotionally supportive and child friendly therapeutic atmosphere.  The clear boundaries  provide a sense of security which stimulates the child's creativity and enables the development of social skills.  The programme emphasises the importance of musical experiences to enhance relationships, and inner resources helping a child to feel less dependent and isolated.

How do I apply for my child to attend the Saturday Music Centre?

Please download the application pack from the website or you can request a pack to be sent by post by phoning 020 8248 2258 or email

Do I have to pay?

Parents and carers are asked to make a small contribution for this activity as the work is not fully funded by EMT.  However if families find this impossible due to personal circumstances then just have a word with the team and they will tell you what to do


Goals Include:

  • Increased expressive and receptive language
  • increased attention span
  • improved cognitive mastery and organizational skills
  • improved fine and gross motor skills
  • improved impulse control and reduced hyperactivity
  • increased frustration tolerance
  • improved communication and socialization skills
  • increased self esteem
  • enhanced sense of self and others.

Click here to download and complete an application form.

What parents / Carers are saying ...

“What really amazed us is Johnny’s increased responsiveness to his environment. We feel that our son has a connection with the outside world through the specialized musical activities and intensive interaction approach used at Ealing Music Therapy Saturday Centre. He now initiates music making at home with his dad using his toy guitar and drums”…

"The music program at EMTSC is so beneficial for children like Charley, who loves music and no musical opportunities in mainstream education. The goals of the program help him to feel part of a peer group and socialize in a positive way. We have seen a big improvement in Charley since starting the program, especially using eye contact and some speech to communicate his needs… he can’t wait to go into the sessions every Saturday”…

."Sarah is so much more sociable since she has attended EMTSC. Her self confidence has grown; she has made some new friends in the community and so have we”…..

Ealing Music Therapy Project believes that best practice must be established, and evaluated to insure quality services are provided and standards are met or exceeded.

The Ealing Music Therapy Saturday Centre is managed by the Ealing Music Therapy Project (EMTP) Board of Trustees which features:

Service Users Satisfaction Surveys

Service users (parents/carers are asked to give feedback regarding their satisfaction with our services. Based on the feedback aspects of programs can be modified to better mirror client needs and wishes.

Performance Standards

The music therapist provides termly evaluation forms in according to the work ethics of the Health Profession Council, Arts Therapy (, a State Registered Organization.


The clinical team, which includes a senior 1 State Registered music therapist and a SEN Learning Support Assistance, review the program and individual service users needs through clinical supervision and regular meetings with Ealing Music Therapy Project Board of Trustees.

All of these activities are utilized to monitor the quality of our services. The results of these reviews helps us to identify where changes need to be made, how we may plan those changes, as well as to assess those changes to insure that our services have improved.

Music Therapy is one of the services registered with the Health Profession Council. 
For more information about Music visit their website:

Compiled by Amalia Brightman SRAsT(M) MA. EMTP / EMTSC senior 1 music therapist May 2009

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