Collaborative Classroom Projects in Special Education

Music therapy is offered to a whole class including teachers and learning support assistants as a way to discover aspects of the pupil’s cognitive, social and emotional levels of development. The session content meets existing level of functioning and sensory needs incorporating aspects of the curriculum such as Personal Social Emotional (P.S.E) Literacy, receptive and expressive communication etc.


E.M.T Saturday Centre

Small group sessions lasting 30 to 45 minutes offer musical activities and improvisations to enable self expression, communication and spontaneous social interactions. Each session includes a hello song sing, sign familiar songs and rhymes, instrumental jam sessions, music theatre activities and song-writing/drawing.

The musical activities develop from the children’s inner world encouraging them to access a range of emotions through vocalisations, verbal and non verbal self expression, movement and stories.

The Saturday Centre enables parents/carers and their children who might be feeling isolated in the community to socialise using music as a unifying and enjoyable part of their life. In the case of children on the Autistic Spectrum, the music therapist and support assistant work together with parents/carers to create opportunities to interact and connect with their children through shared meaningful musical experiences thus helping create bonds and healthy attachments.

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